Soumya Deb's

(...and his website's) whereabouts

About Deb:

I'd rather put a bona-fide About Me when I have one.

For now, over the past couple of hours' struggle and constipated writers' block, the only fact that I can apprehend — HTML-spewing & self-introspection doesn't quite go hand-in-hand.

I recall my father apprehending that I'll end up in jails or a mental-asylum before I'd cross my teens — and that was before I had even been on the verge of my teens. As a word from a person with the insights which he has, it's most likely to manifest in all parallel Universes — but this one.

Against all odds, the validity of that prophecy has voided long back. I've dashed my way through it, and I'm not done yet...

I still defy destiny, meddle monsters, pursue patterns & write "About Me" without adjectives!

Evening, 2013/06/01.

This page is far from done, and not likely to be updated very soon as well.